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Whether you go for the summer or just a weekend getaway, everyone that’s been here can agree on one thing. That the Cape is perhaps the most beautiful place in the entire Northeast. From its sand dunes, to its mansions, to iconic Provincetown, Cape Cod has something to offer for everyone and anyone that visits.

Let’s face it. When summer finally rolls around and the days get longer, and the temperatures really start to climb, there's just one place that comes to mind that most of us immediately want to head. Yes, that’s the seaside. There's just something calming and also cooling about being by the water in Cape Cod.

Between basking on golden sand, taking dips in the ocean, feeling the sea breeze lightly crusting your bronzed skin, and falling asleep to sounds of the waves crashing gently on the shore, it's for sure a peaceful retreat. Though there are plenty of incredible beaches in the world, there's something particularly enchanting about Cape Cod.

Stretches of sandy beaches, lighthouses dotting the shore, tiny towns, and hydrangeas galore, it's all perfectly picturesque. Let’s not also forget that one of America's most famous families found something magical in the Cape as well. The Kennedys' beautiful Hyannisport compound is made up of three houses on a gorgeous six acres of waterfront property.

Cape Cod is truly the ultimate summer getaway for many, but despite that it is also somewhat of an undiscovered gem. From the breathtaking Cape Cod National Seashore, the beautiful Race Point Lighthouse or historic The Pilgrim Monument, there is something here for everyone of all ages to enjoy. You will for sure be busy!

Whether you are already in a deep love affair with the New England coast, or you are just looking to inspire your wanderlust spirit, than Cape Cod is the place meant for you to visit today. So pack the camera, make the reservations, grab the gang and head on down to make super new memories.

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