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Not every town on the Cape has beachfront views of both sunrise and sunset like Orleans, so roll out early and get to Nauset Beach to watch the day breah. A long walk by the Atlantic heading north takes you to the tip of the Nauset spit, while going south gets you to Chatham bound.

Of all the beautiful beaches in Cape Cod, Nauset Beach located in Orleans off of Route 6 on the east side of the lower part of the cape is the one to be at. The water is fairly cool and the waves are strong and good for body surfing as well as boogie board surfing.

Close by to other popular and must see attractions like the Addison Art Gallery and the CG 36500 Lifeboat, this is one of 3 public beaches in town which is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. This awesome beach has about a 10 mile long expanse that faces directly out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

You can either go for a nice swim, stroll along the beach, or sunbathe at Nauset Beach. With of all its beauty, you have to be sure to really admire the scenic views of the ocean and animals who live here, like seals that frequent the beach, and whales that can occasionally be spotted offshore.

You can also participate in activities ranging from bass fishing to surfing. But bear in mind, the beach has time restrictions and prohibited areas. If you get a special permit, you can take off-road vehicles onto the beach while also visiting the food stalls offering seafood and fast food that sit within easy beach access.

There’s so much to enjoy on this beautiful stretch of beach. You can even have fun by watching the surf for large grey heads resembling horses. These grey seals can reach 800 lbs. Farther offshore may be finbacks and humpbacks where you can squint to catch their wispy puffs of breath as these whales spout.

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