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Let’s face it, Cape Cod is a magical place that attracts countless tourists into the area every single year. Orleans is one of those towns that you must stop in at when you're here. Home to the famous Addison Art Gallery, it’s also a highlight of the many towns that make up Cape Cod area.

With so many attractions and things to do, you can be sure to have your hands full. Built in 1946 in the Curtis Bay, Maryland Coast Guard Yard, the CG 36500 Lifeboat is a 36-foot long vessel that was a heavily built double-ended, self-righting and self-bailing motor lifeboat that’s designed to withstand severe sea conditions.

The vessel remains operational and is representative of the primary type of rescue boat employed by Coast Guards through the mid-twentieth century. Stationed at Chatham, Massachusetts Coast Guard Life Boat Station from 1946 to 1968, the CG 36500 is well known for its role in the rescue of crewman from the tanker Pendleton in 1952.

This vessels holds plenty history. In the late afternoon of February 18 during a northeaster with winds of 70-knots and reported 40-60-foot seas and heavy snow, the crew of CG 36500 crossed the Chatham bar in the lifeboat and rescued 32 of the 33 men who were stranded on the stern half of the tanker.

Because it was essentially only built to accommodate 12 passengers and the crew instead of the 36 that were now ultimately onboard, the rescue attempt definitely took its toll on CG 36500. In addition, the boat was without any navigational equipment as the ship's compass had been washed overboard while attempting to reach the Pendleton.

Despite the many obstacles that stood in its path, the decision made was able to turn the boat around and placing the wind and seas at the stern so as to force it ashore. The four-man crew of the CG 36500 were later awarded the Treasury Department's coveted Gold Life-Saving Medal for their heroic efforts.

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