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With its many beaches, lighthouses, parks, museums, restaurants and history, Cape Cod is truly a heavenly vacation paradise that’s truly a treasure worth exploring for people of all ages. Those who really love and appreciate art will come to cherish this area, as there are many art galleries spread throughout this portion of New England. 

One of the art galleries in the area that really stands out from the rest is the Addison Art Gallery in Orleans. This gallery not only houses many gorgeous and unique works of art, but it also holds plenty of events to provide the locals and the public with some fascinating art education and information.

Countless different types and styles of art resides at the Addison Art Gallery. They not only strives to honor the works of many artists by displaying their pieces, but also host exhibitions and art shows. You can even check their website out ahead of time to see a full list of all the artists represented. 

Committing to providing the community with as much knowledge about this realm as they can, the mesum hosts a variety of events, exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops. This includes painting demonstrations by experienced painters to help aspiring artists learn to capture light and shadow, an artists panel and exhibitions showcasing the latest pieces of the season.

Not only is the amazing Orleans the home of the famous Addison Art Gallery, but it’s definitely also a highlight of the many towns that make up the Cape Cod area.  In addition to its rich historical background, this town also contains gorgeous scenery, numerous opportunities for different types of outdoor recreation, and delicious dining. 

Learn everything about the Addison Art Gallery and make plans to attend next time you’re in town! Don’t forget to explore some of the many walking and biking trails here for an enjoyable afternoon in the outdoors, or head to the Harbor in Orleans to admire some of the most stunning sunsets you’ve ever seen.

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