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So we all know that Cape Cod is beautiful destinations many visit every years. But did you also know that Harwich MA is a wonderful blend of quiet seaside neighborhoods, historic villages, picturesque harbors, and scenic countryside dotted with cranberry bogs, conservation lands, and sparkling clear kettle ponds. This is definitely  a must visit town.

The town of Harwich is perfectly nestled on the southeastern shoreline of Cape Cod, and is bordered by land the towns of Dennis, Brewster and Chatham on three sides, and by Nantucket Sound to the south. Harwich is a favorite Cape Cod destination for families who can do without an abundance of common touristy dazzle.

The town was originally first settled by Europeans in 1670 as part of Yarmouth, the town of Harwich was later officially incorporated in 1694. The town is also known as the site of the start and finish line of the "Sail Around the Cape", which rounds the Cape counter-clockwise, returning via the Cape Cod Canal.

Early industry was mostly involved in fishing and farming. Today, the town is more considered by some to be the birthplace of the cranberry industry, with the first commercial operation opened in 1846. Even though now they’re more centered on tourism and as a residential community, there still are still many bogs in the town.

If you're looking for a busy, touristy vibe, you won't find it in Harwich. What you will find is a charming, somewhat upscale, but not at all pretentious town that's perfect for a relaxed family or just adults getaway. For fun, you can visit Cold Storage Beach, Cape Cod Lavender Farm and Cranberry Bog Tours.

Summer days in Harwich tend to be somewhat leisurely with lots of swimming and sunning at one of the town's many Nantucket Sound beaches. You can also opt for sparkling clear kettle ponds, fishing, riding the Cape Cod Rail Trail Bike Path, or playing a round of golf. You can really do it all here.

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