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Massachusetts is beautiful. Lets not forget the breathtaking beaches. The amazing beaches range from freshwater lakes in the western mountains to the sandy flats of Cape Cod Bay and the towering bluffs of Martha's Vineyard. There's a perfect beach for just everyone from small children playing in quiet tide pools to surfers riding pounding waves.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts manages a different variety of beaches ranging from 15 saltwater ocean beaches to more than 50 inland, fresh-water beaches. Lodging for families, singles, and romantic couples is very easy to find for a memorable beach vacation here. Water surrounds the Upper Cape on three sides, giving beach lovers plenty of options.

Beaches galore here in this beautiful state that gives you plenty of options. The south-side beaches, on Nantucket Sound, have rolling surf and are warmed by the Gulf Stream. Along Buzzards Bay, many small coves have sandy stretches. To the north, on Cape Cod Bay, the beaches generally have more temperate waters and gentle waves.

Who doesn’t love an awesome beach they get to visit and spend a beautiful summer day at. Cold Storage Beach is a perfect spot to watch boats of all sizes cruise in and out of the rock jetty entrance to Sesuit Harbor, which lies west of the beach. This definitely is a must visit beach.

Cold Storage is large with calm waters from Cape Cod Bay. It’s also not crowded, has good amount of room, is clean with nice sand and small waves. If you are looking to explore more fun attractions in the area, you can also visit Cape Cod Lavender Farm and Cranberry Bog Tours for added fun.

The town of Harwich has 22 beaches, more than any other Cape town. Mostly of the ocean beaches are on Nantucket Sound where you can find that the water there is a bit calmer and warmer. Freshwater pond beaches are also abundant. If you haven’t planned a trip here yet, you better get started soon.

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