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Among all of the scenic beaches and breathtaking quaint villages, Cape Cod is home to a number of local farms frequented by visitors and locals alike. In these Cape Cod farms, you’ll find fragrant fields of lavender, fresh produce, friendly animals, and warm and welcoming families. This amazing attraction is one of the classic favorites.

Lavender fields color Provence, France purple each summer and make us want to hop on a plane to take in the gorgeous sights and smells. But if a trip to France isn't in the cards or the budget this year, check out this beautiful US lavender farm that don't require a transatlantic flight to visit.

Be sure to add Cape Cod Lavender Farm to the long list of the many gorgeous reasons you may have to visit Cape Cod with the family in the summer. This gorgeous family-owned farm sits on 12 acres with more than 7,000 plants surrounded by another 75 acres of conservation land with walking paths.

Start planning your visit to Cape Cod Lavender Farm located in Harwich close to Cranberry Bog Tours. You can also discover a wealth of other well-known and undiscovered attractions when you come. The Farm’s open all week long, and you should try to plan to visit the farm from mid-June through mid-July for peak bloom.

This fantastic place of serene beauty and healthy living for the senses. During your visit, be sure to explore the grounds while taking in all of the relaxing fragrance of lavender along the way. You can also fully enjoy idyllic landscape views, as well as browse a large election of luxurious home and body products.

A simple whiff can make your days less stressful. When you inhale the fragrance of lavender, the natural oils help you sleep more soundly, regain a sense of calmness, and relieve stress. Take deep breaths of our lavender, dab lavender essential oil on pulse points, or squeeze freshly picked lavender., each make a great difference.

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