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If Massachusetts were a real person, she’d be that natural beauty that doesn’t need any makeup that. You really want to hate her, but can’t, because she’s so darn nice. Yep, it’s simply that plain gorgeous. This would definitely be the perfect place to bring the family or a long weekend with that special someone.

Known once one of the most booming mill towns in Western Massachusetts, Easthampton is reclaiming it in recent years. Artists and creatives have flocked the town, churning out art and pottery from factory buildings once famed for textiles, buttons, and rubber. Now the city boasts all the perks that come with being a cultural center.

When it was settled by European immigrants in 1664, it was originally part of Northampton. The village of Easthampton was formally named its own separate entity in 1785, and officially became a town in 1809. The town grew around the Manhan River through its phase as a strictly agricultural community and later the Industrial Revolution.

Small farms and well-established small businesses remain the economic core of Easthampton, and changed its charter in 1996 to become a city. Attracting artists and young people, this growth produced new arts and cultural events like the monthly Art Walk Easthampton where visual, music and performance artists showcase their talents at venues around the city.

Easthampton is truly a wonderful little underrated city. It is currently in a boom and many new cool businesses are popping up in the community. With a little over 16,000 residents, is located in the fertile Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts and is rich in the flavor of an industrial New England village.

Get out and really enjoy Easthampton’s beautiful open space and hiking trails which are some of the most popular in Hampshire County. Spend a sunny day at Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, relax at unique Mill 180 Park, and then grab a nice cold fresh brewed beer at Fort Hill Brewery. What’s not to love?

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