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Whenever you're in the great state of Massachusetts, you have to stop by brewery. Fort Hill Brewery was established in 2013 by a small group of friends who like to brew. They provide the Pioneer Valley region with the best traditional German-style lager beer for a clean and refreshing taste you'll always come back to.

This beer is really special. So why did they chose to set up in Easthampton? Because of the water. Per the German purity law, water is one of only four main ingredients that go into their beer. Because they strive to use the highest quality ingredients in their beer, the water was also no exception.

Better water means better beer. Easthampton’s water comes from the Barnes Aquifer system, a complex of several productive aquifers extending about twelve miles underground. In 2015, Easthampton even won the gold medal for best tasting water in the 16th annual Great American Water Taste Test. This is why they knew this place would be perfect.

What makes this brewery something special is not just the delicious beer, but also the story behind its growth. The founder brought here Fort Hill in Easthampton partly for the city's delicious, environmentally protected water, but largely because he was enamored with the community's friendliness and sense of welfare that everyone showed along the way.

So, what can a brewery mean for someone coming in to visit on a Friday night? You can now buy pints of beer. Really. And enjoy some tasty pretzels, too. On Saturdays, just outside the front door you will find Foley’s Franks, which sells delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, and even a few vegan items.

Close by to other favorite local attractions like Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary and Mill 180 Park, this is  sure a stop you should make at the end of a long and day sightseeing. They also offer samples, pints, and growlers and cans to take away and feature live music a few days a week.

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