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If you’re looking for something truly fun and unique to do in Easthampton, than you have to add this attraction to your list now. Turf serves as flooring in this warm and impressive 14,000-square-foot indoor space in transformed mill building where nearly 50 adults and children can be at play on the same day.

Truly a park for the 21st Century, Mill 180 Park is the first of its kind indoor park that features hydroponic gardens, lawn games, a cafe that serves coffee, food and beer and spaces for people to socialize and relax. The park also has a large room dedicated to growing vegetables for the on-site cafe.

Designed to emulate all of the great urban parks like Central Park in New York City, Hyde Park in London and Ueno Park in Tokyo, this vision was re-imagined for an amazing indoor space. The park’s creator believes it’s very important to have a place where members of the community can get together and socialize.

This unique and breathtaking attraction has brought the outside in, surrounding visitors with green space and a remarkable sense of the natural world through the use of hydroponics, computerized sound, and HVAC systems. Ranging from cabbage and herbs to sunflowers, the hydroponic gardens scattered throughout the park grow various plants in gravel instead of soil.

Originally built inside of an old mill, the soft artificial turf lines the floors and an audio system provides natural background ambiance. Once you add on the joys of free Wi-Fi coupled with plenty of chairs and tables, this for sure will make for a relaxing environment to hang out in after a long day.

The park plans a variety of monthly events and hopes it will become an attractive spot for families and college students to hang out and play during the winter. Once you’re in town, you can also find different activities to do like also stopping by Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary for a fun filled day.

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