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Whether you’re a long-time Cape resident or a first time visitor, you really should make time on your calendar to visit one of the Cape’s iconic structures. And that is The Pilgrim Monument. This tower is the tallest granite structure in the United States with a height of 252 feet, 7 1/2 inches tall.

School Children in America tend to learn very early on about the Pilgrims' treacherous, 66-day, cross-Atlantic voyage aboard the Mayflower and eventually about their landing at Plymouth Rock in December of 1620. Because of this, you might then jsut expect to find the Pilgrim Monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts, near many other sought after Pilgrim attractions.

A piece of history it is. The Pilgrim Monument was built between 1907 and 1910 to commemorate both the first landfall of the Pilgrims in 1620 and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown Harbor. Today, tourists from around the world visit Provincetown to climb this amazing monument and also view the Provincetown Museum.

This piece of history is something special that attracts tons of visitors every year. All twelve million pounds of the granite was brought by boat from a quarry in Maine. The first cornerstone was originally laid on Aug. 20, 1907 by Teddy Roosevelt and later dedicated on Aug. 5, 1910 by President William Howard Taft.

The monument has a colorful history including the U.S. government take over and used it for military purposes during World War II. Restored in 1999, the monument is a beautiful landmark that’s visible from almost any spot along the Cape Cod Bay shoreline. The climb up the monument includes 116 stairs and sixteen ramps.

When you plan your visit to the wonderful Cape Cod and all it has to offer, be sure to also stop by other popular attractions, like the Cape Cod National Seashore and the Race Point Lighthouse. You can be sure to have a fun packed time that the entire family of all ages will enjoy.

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